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Multi-award winner Kenny Neal will be making an appearance in Orlando in support of his new album Hooked On Your Love, which will be released on September 14th;
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The release of Hooked On Your Love from swamp blues master Neal follows the triumph of his 2008 comeback album, Let Life Flow, which raked in three prestigious "Album Of The Year" awards, two "Song Of the Year awards for the title track, and two "Artist Of The Year" honors for Kenny himself.

It was clear that Kenny touched something deep in the blues community with his soulful guitar playing and uplifting song writing, and his hot streak continues with a batch of new songs.

The new album, a tasty musical gumbo of swamp-boogie, jazz, R&B, and straight-ahead blues, casts that potent Neal spell of deep grooves and deep feelings.
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Publicity: Debra Regur 415-550-6484
Radio: Peter Robinson 773-772-0043
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TV Show

Neal's Place consists of local and international artists from across the country. Kenny sits down and chats with his guests and they also get a chance to perform unplugged.
This is something that's going to be real positive for gospel and blues. So please tune in. The show is broadcast from Palo Alto, California and can be watched online but remember that this is shown on California time. Midwest 2 hours ahead, Eastcoast 3 hours ahead.
You can see Neal's Place first hand for yourself with the tip of your finger.


Kenny Neal has been nominated for Best Blues Song, “Let Life Flow”.
The deadline is August 31st. Be sure to cast your vote before it is too late! Kenny is on a roll this year having won numerous awards including the prestigious Blues Music Award. Keep the momentum going right now by clicking on this link



photo courtesy Rebecca LeMesnager
Kenny Neal Honored with the 2009 Monterey Bay Blues Festival Artist of the Year (M.O.B.B.A.Y.) Award

Kenny with Blues in the Schools Kids
Photo Courtesy Dorothy Hill
PhotoCourtesy Dorothy Hill
This is the portrait of Kenny Neal on the main stage backdrop at the Monterey Bay Blues Festival, presented to him the same time he received his M.O.B.B.A.Y. Award.      

In 1993 the first Monterey Bay Blues Festival artist-of-the-year (M.O.B.B.A.Y.) award was bestowed on Etta James, an award that today, artists proudly add to their credits and many covet.

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photo courtesy Mako Funasaka
Copyright 2009 Gary W.

Kenny Receives 2009 Blues Music Award for Song of the Year "Let Life Flow"


Two awards had personal significance for me. Kenny Neal was honored for Song of the Year, “Let Life Flow.” Neal has been a rock for his family during an exceptionally tragic period while battling health problems of his own. Lightnin’ Malcolm and Cedric Burnside won for Best New Artist Debut for “2 Man Wrecking Crew.” I first met Lightnin’ Malcolm in San Francisco and remember when he told me he was headed for Mississippi—obviously a very wise move. When blues fans lament the future of blues they need look no farther than the next generation that these two groups represent—Raful Neal and R. L. Burnside!

(C) 2009, Dorothy L. Hill

photo courtesy Charlotte Arrick
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Neal at the
Hall of Fame Induction Dinner,
the evening before the
2009 Blues Music Awards

March 2009

Congratulations to Kenny and the Band!

At their 2009 West Coast Blues Hall of Fame and Awards show, the
Bay Area Blues Society named Kenny's LET LIFE FLOW as Blues CD of the Year! The Neal Family Band was named Blues Band of the Year.

February 2009

Blues Critic Awards

Contemporary Blues Winners!
As voted by Blues Critic readers

Contemporary Blues ARTIST OF THE YEAR

Always a difficult choice for the Blues Critic staff, this being the only category we get to vote on/pick. Great years for the likes of Curtis Salgado, Elvin Bishop, B.B. King and many others but the comeback kid Kenny Neal just deserves it. It was time. It's not just that Kenny Neal made a comeback after a long (undisclosed) illness sidelined him for nearly two years (Before that bout he had already suffered the loss of his older brother Raful Neal and then sister Jackie Neal was murdered by a scorned lover), but that he made a great record ("Let Life Flow") that contained a poignant, survivor song (title track).

February 2009

BLUESWAX Selects Kenny Neal for
Album of the Year!

As with the Artist of the Year Award, the nominating process for BluesWax Album of the Year 2008 began back in December when our readers and contributors began making nominations. The nominating process created the final ballot of:

Full Tilt - Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials
It's Hot In Here - EG Kight
Let Life Flow - Kenny Neal
Maestro - Taj Mahal
Peace, Love & BBQ - Marcia Ball

These were all great nominations and we loved every one of them! In the final voting, again with record returns, you selected Kenny Neal's Let Life Flow as BluesWax Album of the Year 2008. The win is the first for Neal in the BluesWax awards.

Here is a reprise of the Let Life Flow review that ran in BluesWax (BluesWax Rating: 9)

A Magnanimous Return, (06/25/08)

During an eleven-month period beginning in 2004 Kenny Neal lost his father, Raful Neal Jr.; a brother Ronnie; and his sister Jackie. Shortly thereafter Kenny fought an 18-month battle with Hepatitis C. This is Kenny's comeback album and his first recording since 2004.

I last saw Raful Neal Jr. at the 2000 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Onstage with Raful, was his young grandson. The Neals have always been a musical family and as the oldest son Kenny may now be considered its patriarch. Musically the influence of his father can be heard throughout this recording.

The album opens with several tunes written by Kenny. On the title track, he sings, "Life is so unpredictable, that's the way it is/Gets a little hard to bear sometimes/Things out of nowhere to blow your mind/One thing I know for sure/You got to let life flow." On the next track Neal states, "Every time I turn around the Blues is right there/I take a deep breath the Blues is in the air/Said the Blues, please leave me alone/I think you oughta go back to your trouble at home/Blues, Blues, Blues, leave me alone." Joe Campbell's trumpet and the saxophone of LeRoy Harper provide great horn arrangements on these two songs ("Let Life Flow" and Leave Me Alone").

Lucky Peterson's organ and the horns of Alfonso Guillory and Kenny Neal Jr. make Larry Duane Addison's "You've Got to Hurt Before You Heal" the perfect vehicle for Neal to express his emotion. Neal's own "Louisiana Stew" signifies that the healing is over.

Neal pays tribute to his dad by including two songs written by him. "Starlight Diamond" features Kenny's harmonica. On "Bleeding Heart" he takes a passionate guitar solo. "Broken Dreams" was co-written by Neal and Rebecca LeMesnager and on it Neal takes a jazzier guitar solo. The rhythm section of Darnell Neal (bass) and Bryan Morris (drums) do a great job throughout.

Neal also covers "Another Man's Cologne," originally recorded by Little Jimmy King and The Memphis Soul Survivors. Also covered are Ivory Joe Hunter's "Since I Met You Baby" and Willie Dixon's "It Don't Make Sense, You Can't Make Peace."

Kenny Neal gives us his fourth original on "Fly Away" as he sings "to prepare for eternity, we got to pray/Cause one day will come, we got to fly away." Kenny Neal possesses a rare spirituality and it is reflected on this magnanimous return.

Richard Ludmerer is a contributing editor at BluesWax

The staff of BluesWax congratulates Kenny Neal for winning the BluesWax Album of the Year Award! And we thank the thousands of you who participated in this year's nominating and voting process. You have spoken!


Following are Kenny Neal's 2009 Grammy entries:


477 "Fly Away" Kenny Neal
478 "Let Life Flow" Kenny Neal

189 "Fly Away" Kenny Neal
355 "Let Life Flow" Kenny Neal

109 "Let Life Flow" Kenny Neal

050 "Fly Away" Kenny Neal

042 Let Life Flow Kenny Neal

And Vote for KENNY NEAL ....the REAL DEAL


I owe it all to you Phil. If it wasn't for Phil Guy, I wouldn't have the beautiful kids I have today. I wouldn't have the career I have today. I wouldn't have the beautiful wife I have today. I wouldn't have the wonderful fans I have today. My life would have been totally different.

The reason for me saying all of this is because in 1976 I got a message from Buddy Guy, saying to call him ASAP. When I called Buddy, the first words came out of his mouth was Philip told me you're a good bass player, he highly recommened you, so I would like for you to join my band.

photo by Lisa Mallen
And that's when my life changed. I moved to Chicago, not knowing where I was going to stay or what to expect. But when I got there, Phil and his lovely wife, Jenice, took me in with open arms. I lived with them for a little over 2 years. I would offer to pay them, but they would not accept. He was the big brother I never had. He was very proud to show me off to other musicians in Chicago. He was family to The Neal's. When Buddy Guy left my father's band in 1957 to go to Chicago, Phil joined my dad's band and stayed with him till 1969, when he moved to Chicago himself.

Phil was one of the nicest people you'd want to meet. He had a big heart, he never got the recognition he deserved in the music business. But in my books, he was at the top of the list. I will miss him dearly and I'm sure he's up there with all the other great musicians having a wonderful time.

Love You Phil! (I Owe It ALL To You)
Your little Bro,
Kenny Neal


To hear samples from the CD,

Publicity: Debra Regur

Radio: Peter Robinson

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Blind Pig Records recording artist Kenny Neal will be appearing on the House Of Blues Radio Hour this coming weekend, July 12-13. On the nationally syndicated program, which is heard on over 190 stations!

Kenny will join host Elwood Blues to talk about his life, his new CD and treat us to a live performance in the House of Blues Radio Hour Studios. To find out where and when to tune in to the show in your area, CLICK HERE.

For the past few years, health problems forced Kenny away from the studio and touring, and his new Blind Pig album, Let Life Flow marks Kenny's return with an inspired set that draws musically from the funky sounds of his native Louisiana, while striking a deep, emotional resonance in response to the personal trials he has recently endured. Whether performing songs of soulful catharsis or hip-shaking celebration, Let Life Flow pays tribute to his diverse influences, while injecting a heartfelt sentiment born of the real-life, human struggles that any listener can relate to.

Vintage Guitar said "Kenny Neal's new release is full of blues and soul music of the highest standard. While Neal's always been one of his generation's finest bluesmen, Let Life Flow helps push him into the upper echelon of the genre. One of 2008's best so far."


05/30/2008 Please Visit Deborah Ramirez's Blog. She is writing about the blues twice a week for The Beat, the South Florida South Sentinel's new blog on culture and music. View her recent blog featuring Kenny here,

Kenny Appears
on Cover of July/June 2008
Blues Revue Magazine!



Kenny's New CD "Let Life Flow" is now Available for purchase here on his website.



11/15/2007 For Booking the Neal Family at Festivals for 2008, call 650-353-0053.

11/15/2007 GOOD NEWS !!
It's official everybody. My time away from you has finally ended. I will be back out there playing for ya'll by the start of the new year.

07/26/2007 Kenny Featured in Palo Alto Online

05/21/2007 NEAL'S PLACE Debuts May 27th

11/30/2006 New Christmas CD Now Avaliable!